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The 2002 Birds of Prey (BOP) team is led by Denman James, a Pratt engineers.  This is Denman's first year leading team 181.   He's beginning to realize, as his predesessors did, that this is a HUGE task.   He's not completely alone...Twenty members fill out this year's volunteer roster which includes participants from Pratt & Whitney, Robert E. Morris, CPEP, and Fox61.  The 2001 BOP team was divided into sub-teams, each responsible for an integral part of last year's competition.

Goal Manipulator
Denman James
Jennifer Chu

       dummy_bot_arm.jpg (132402 bytes)2k1_robot_on_ramp.jpg (132811 bytes)

Big Ball Grabber
Greg Andries

big_ball_grabber.jpg (194882 bytes)

Gary Hilbert  

   arm_drive_closeup1.jpg (131090 bytes)

Control Team
Amy Brewer
David Shahan

controls_and_wheels.jpg (224929 bytes)

Stewart Barnhart
Bill Curtis
Benjamin Hall
Angel Serrano
Awards & Scholarships
Lindi Rose

engineers_students.jpg (184124 bytes)

Kim Sullivan
Web Page Design
Jennifer Chu
Martina Wilson


Team 181, Birds of Prey, suffered the tragedy of loosing one of our volunteer engineers from Pratt & Whitney.  Michael McCoy was an invaluable part of the team for the last two years.   He headed up the drive team for two years in a row (1999-2000), whose ideas were modified and implemented in subsequent robot designs.  His dedication and enthusiasm was an inspiration to us all.  McCoy, you will forever be missed!

See The Real McCoy in action!