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Dedication. Commitment. Responsibility. Leadership. Learning. Excitement. Fun. These are some of the adjectives student members of BOP have expressed towards the FIRST Robotics Program. To many, the team has become a home away from home, a second family. These are the reasons why they come every night & weekend, contributing in all aspects of the project from design to manufacturing to managing finances. Given the opportunity, they show that even high school students can do amazing things. None of this would be possible without the support of the high school's administration & dedicated staff. The following are this year's team members from HPHS.


Alfonso Adorno - 2003

James Buckland - 2003

Ricardo Cruz - 2003

Nathaniel Gale - 2004

Kate Gallagher - 2002

Ismael Gomez - 2004

Melvin Guzman - 2002

Alfred Hammonds - 2004

Julio Lajara - 2004

Jesus Ramos Jr. - 2002

Erick Rodriguez (Scrub-let) - 2003



John Gaynor - Tech Prep Manufacturing & Robotics

Steve Hagedorn - Architectural Mechanical Design

Aida Fernandez-Ramos - Assistant Principal


Class of 2001

Tianna Glass -- Rodger Williams

Natasha Garcia

Alexander Colon -- U. Wisconsin, Madison

Janaya Lewis -- UConn

Brain Gallagher -- UVM

Jabeth Ocampo

Khuong Vu -- UVM

Martina Wilson -- Bentley College

L'wade Lewin

Melinda Guzman -- Marymount College

Class of 2000

Angel Serrano

Heriberto Rodriguez (The Main Scrub) -- CCSU

Nery Cruz -- RPI

Andre Samuda -- RIT

Madeline Sola -- WPI

Ramon Perez -- Rodger Williams

Yeshiva Cohen -- Union College

Sean Gallagher -- U. of Hartford

Michelle Duplin -- U. of Hartford

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