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2001 Game

Basic Gameplay:

Placing balls into goals.

Postitioning the robot in the End Zone at the end of the match.

Moving the goals onto a semi-stable bridge. The bridge must be balanced at the end othe match.

Ending the match prior to the two minute time limit.

Carrying a robot across the field by using a stretcher if the stretcher is in the End Zone at the end of the match.

Each alliance competes using four team built robots, tweleve students, and eight mentors. There are forty small balls, appoximately thirteen inches in diameter. There are four balls approximately thirty inches in diameter. There are two seven -feet high goals with caster wheeks around the bases that may be moved around the playing field. One goal starts near the Start Zone, the other starts near the End Zone. Dividing the field in half is an eighteen -inch railing with a central bridge. Robots may pass over the bridge or rails to access the opposite end of the field. The bridge is centrally supposrted on a beam approximately six -inches wide, such that it may tilt toward either end or remain level. The robot must compete within the bounds of the playing field, while the students are located at the stations just outside of the playing field. Only students and robots may score with the balls.