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Two Pratt & Whitney Engineers had an idea. They pitched that idea to a Pratt VP. Together, they made it a reality. Thus began the life of Birds Of Prey at Hartford Public High School. In it's fourth season, Team 181 had grown from a small handful of people to a Team of nearly forty members. None of this would be possible if not for the time and energy dedicated by these volunteers.

Pratt & Whitney Engineers :

Eric Abraham - Hamilton Sunstrand Engine System

Joe Adams - VP Module Center Engineering, Pratt & Whitney Executive Champion of BOP

Greg Andries - Performance System Analysis

Lee Annecchino - UTC, Hamilton Sunstrand

Paul Attridge - Core Engineering

Jason Beathard - Systems Design & Validation

Andrew Blair - Structures & Dynamics Technology

Amy Brewer - Core Tooling

Andrew Cassidy - Electronic & Mechanical Systems Module Center

John Centola - Manufacturing Engineering

Jennifer Chu - CSMC Rotating Parts Business Center

Benjamin Hall - Structures & Dynamics Technology

Chad Hicks- Performance System Analysis

Gary Hilbert - Structures & Dynamics Technology

Denman James - Electronic & Mechanical Systems Module Center

John Matz - Manufacturing Engineering

Bryan Morris - Systems Design & Validation

Lindi Rose - Product Engineering Development Program (PED)

Douglas Senecal - Turbine Module Center

David Shahan - CSMC Rotating Parts Business Center

Vince Sidwell - MIT/Turbine Module Center

Kimberley Sullivan - Engine Program Management

Richard Trask - Manufacturing Engineering



Bill Curtis - Engineer

Stewart Barnhart - Engineer



Glenn Cassis - CPEP


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