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The 1999 game had teams compete with random allies in series of qualification matches where all teams will be ranked. The top eight teams then choose allies from the remaining teams and form eight alliances that won’t be changed for the rest of the event. These eight alliances then compete in a series of 3 elimination matches until an event winning alliance emerges.

Four teams pair into 2 alliances and compete in a two-minute match. Each alliance starts on the opposite end of the field. An octagonal disk (puck) is placed in the center of the field and the robot are required to raise multicolored pillows (floppies) off the ground for a point or 8 feet for 3 points. Also if a robot gets on the puck then the value of the floppies are tripled.

Regional: Placed 3rd out of 42 Teams

Nationals: Placed 14th out of 207 Teams

Awards: Judge's Award for Community Involvement

Xerox Award for Innovation in Design

Media Award

Education/Cross-Cultural Awareness Award- FOX 61

The John E. Rogers history Maker Award

The "No Fear" Award from Rumble at the Rock

Bronze Medal Winner


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